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Quality control and inspection service

It’s an important part of the order: the quality control and the inspections; the inspections can be done in some different phases

Before the production

On this important phase we are able to check the prime material which the final product will be done; it’s a crucial part because we can refuse the material and ask to the supplier to change in according with our quality standard.

During the production

we can check about 20% of the final production, we can also check some packing from the final products.

Post production

We can check about 100% of the final production based on quantity/quality in according with our quality standard or customer’s needs.

Container ispection

The inspector will check that the goods will be placed into the container in good conditions in order to avoid any damage during the transport, the inspection ends with the seal of the container and the relative serial number.

Inspections are available

Inspections are available in 

  • Turkey
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxemburg
  • Germany
  • New York

In the last years the demand of must widen the own market out of the own national borders has become more and more strong between the small and medium-sized enterprises, since we are a global company specialized in the development of the international business, we assist the companies to expand or create new opportunità all around the world with a win-win cooperation.

  • Our core business is the business relationship between Turkish and The Netherlands market; in both of these countries we are present with our representative offices.
  • We are in direct contact with the most important Turkish suppliers and we have a deep knowledge of the market thanks to our long presence.
  • In Turkey our company can offer a full range of services such as: supplier sourcing process, inspection, legal advice thanks our Turkish lawyers, company formation and bank services.
  • For The Dutch and Turkish companies we can help them to create new markets and new partners all around the world.